Stan Illich, RPh, MHA
Maybe in your lifetime ...
The future may lead pharmacy practice in several new directions. Here are a few of the possibilities.
Where to from here? Pharmacy's evolving options
In this month's DT Blog post, contributor Stan Illich outlines some innovations that could strengthen the practice of pharmacy, benefit patients, and assist providers. Now, if we can just work out the bottom line . . .
Questions for the pharmacy profession: Who has the answers?
Stan Illich has practiced pharmacy in the private, corporate, and governmental sectors. Over the years, certain questions kept returning to his mind. He shares some of them in this blog post.
"Pharmacy then and now" revisited
Over the past 40 years, human knowledge has expanded exponentially. Individual awareness, however, may not have kept up. A pharmacist whose POV has changed half a dozen times during his career shares his thoughts.