Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, JD
This article is not intended as legal advice and should not be used as such. When legal questions arise, pharmacists should consult with attorneys familiar with the relevant drug and pharmacy laws. Ned Milenkovich is chair of the Healthcare Law practice at Much Shelist PC and vice chair of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy. Contact him at: 312-521-2482 / [email protected]
U.S. Senators want drugs imported from Canada
Maine was only the first skirmish. Now the battle to import drugs from Canada has moved to Capitol Hill.
Electronic discovery: What every pharmacy needs to know
Electronic discovery: What every pharmacy needs to know
Tips for managing pharmacy and business data BEFORE you find yourself caught up in litigation.
Expanding the role of pharmacists on the healthcare team
The nation's governors get it and have affirmed it publicly. When will the rest of the country get on board?
Murder and other criminal charges filed against NECC executives
The feds are throwing the book at NECC. Here are some of the details.
HRSA withdraws proposed 340B rule
Agency will use guidance in 2015 to address “key policy issues.”
Controlled substances: Bipartisan team introduces new legislation
Until now, DEA has interpreted the Controlled Substances Act in its own special way. Now two senators launch legislation geared to the needs of everyone else.
OIG warns pharmacies about drugmaker coupons used in claims to federal payers
Pharmacies that accept copayment coupons should take immediate steps to address the issues raised by OIG.
OIG finds proposed per-fill fee arrangements suspect
The OIG determined that per-fill fees are “inherently subject to abuse” because of their direct tie to the number of patient prescriptions referred to the specialty pharmacy.
HIPAA business associate agreements: Update deadline approaches
Healthcare providers who share HIPAA-protected health information with certain service providers must update their written agreements by September 22, 2014.
FDA unveils new drug pedigree requirements
Title II of the DQSA is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. As of January 1, 2015, new changes and mandates will move all members of the supply chain closer to becoming mandatory oversight partners with FDA.