Valerie DeBenedette
Valerie DeBenedette is Managing Editor of Drug Topics.
FDA Issues Warning for Eluxadoline
Anti-IBS drug Viberzi (eluxadoline) increases risk of severe pancreatitis.
Pharmacogenetics in the Community Pharmacy
Pharmacists can now take a sample of a patient’s DNA in the pharmacy and send it to a pharmacogenetic testing lab. The resulting report allows them to counsel and educate the patient on medication issues and help the prescriber choose the best drugs.
Gottlieb Tapped for FDA Commissioner Spot
Former FDA deputy commissioner is nominated to take the top job, but financial ties may bind for him.
Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to Know
Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to Know
Small doses is a weekly slideshow of the news you may have missed, made just for you and your busy lifestyle.
Reactions to the Proposed American Health Care Act
Reactions to the Proposed American Health Care Act
Analysts and columnists from the left and right have had time to react to the new healthcare replacement plan. What are they saying?
Health Care a Central Issue in President Trump’s Speech to Congress
In his address to Congress, Trump hinted at what could be in the future for healthcare reform.
Small Doses: The news you need to be the best
A look at four important drug studies and stories that you need to know about.
Drug Diversion on the Rise at VA Medical Centers
The Associated Press is reporting that federal authorities are ramping up investigations at VA and federal medical centers due to an increase in diversion of opioids and other problems.
Walgreens/Rite Aid Merger Amended and Extended
The merger agreement between Walgreens and Rite Aid has been modified and extended by six months. The combined company will have to divest an addition 200 stores and the price per common share that Walgreens is offering has gone down.
Diabetes and depression
Which comes first, diabetes or depression? While the connection is recognized, the answer is not yet certain.