Robert Katz, RPh
Robert Katz has been a working pharmacist for 40 years and is still passionate about the profession. You can e-mail him at [email protected]
One thing we can do about the opioid epidemic
It's a modest proposal with potential for significant consequences. And all it will cost is a little more time.
High-quantity Rxs for controlled substances: Suggested guidelines for prescribers, pharmacies, and patients
A few simple precautions could decrease opioid abuse significantly.
Pharmacists can lower readmissions with discharge counseling and housecalls
Why do discharge nurses tell patients to check with their pharmacists? Here's one answer — and the answer to quite a bit more.
Simple rules for preventing sound-alike drug mix-ups
It's easier than you think to prevent sound-alike drug errors. Hint: Pay attention!
What makes a good pharmacy?
Depending upon whom you ask, there are similarities in responses to the question ?What makes a good pharmacy?? but you will also see differences. The academic pharmacist will tell you that diligence and competence are the most important attributes a pharmacist can possess. The community pharmacist will discuss lack of staffing. The hospital pharmacist is likely to agree with both.