Jill Sederstrom
Jill Sederstrom is a Contributing Editor
Senior population requires high touch hypertension care
Remote monitoring helps plans keep tabs on member progress
Pain control requires multidisciplinary approach
Prevalence of chronic pain can add up to higher costs in mental-health and medical claims
Punching the clock
Travel nurses are in position to benefit as hospitals mull mandatory overtime.
Plans, NGA examine infant mortality
Japan and the UK outrank the United States in infant mortality measures
Great States
Innovative state experiments propel health reform forward
7 Specialties lead demand for nurses
National demand for nurses is growing, but seven nursing specialties lead the way, resulting in more opportunities for travelers.
Co-ops focus on the uninsured to secure their niche as a payer
Early response bodes well for new plans
7 ways to reduce administrative costs
Plans will see the most cost reductions on the medical side of the ledger, but there are still opportunities to reduce administrative waste
Culture of compassion
Taking temperatures, administering IVs, and ensuring that patients are properly medicated are all part of the nursing job, but there's more to it than just that. See why taking your time to learn about the cultures of your patients can make you a better nurse.
Stem cells: The not too distant future
Stem cells could successfully treat chronic conditions with significant cost savings.