Jill Sederstrom
Jill Sederstrom is a Contributing Editor
Physicians Voice Concerns on Texas Law that Restricts Immunizations for Foster Children
A new law would limit emergency immunization for children entering foster care system in Texas.
Telepharmacy: New Jobs, Expanded Opportunities
Telepharmacy: New Jobs, Expanded Opportunities
Telepharmacy is more than just phoning it in. It could expand the number of jobs for pharmacists and their access to patients who are otherwise out of reach.
Toward Better Meds-to-Beds Programs
Technology is creating a system to identify patients in need of medication help at discharge.
CDC Anticipates Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage
Will there be enough yellow fever vaccine if Brazil’s epidemic spreads?
New Map Highlights Children's Vaccine Rates, Disease Outbreaks by State
Interactive national map shows vaccine rates and epidemic data.
Stronger Measles Vaccination Exemption Policies Reduce the Likelihood of an Outbreak
Making nonmedical vaccination exemptions more difficult to obtain can reduce risk of a measles epidemic.
New Recommendation Drops the Number of HPV Shots for Children from Three to Two
Recommended number of HPV injections for kids under 14 drops to two.
New Opportunities in Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Schools of pharmacy are offering fellowships, certificates, and other training for a value-based health-care system.
Study Finds Nearly Half a Million Deaths Prevented in the United States by Vaccines
Over 55 years, 450,000 people stayed alive and 200 million people stayed well in the United States because of vaccines.