Jill Sederstrom
Jill Sederstrom is a Contributing Editor
Pharmacists: Key Players as Biosimilars Enter the Market
Pharmacists will have a central role in educating about biosimilar drugs.
Biosimilars Have Entered the Market, But Are They Safe?
Biosimilars are starting to come on the market, but some have questions about their safety.
Inconsistent Labeling of Sulfites Could Cause Harm
A tricky labeling system could be affecting your patients.
Study Finds Parents of Teens Don't Know Vaccination Schedules
Parents of teenagers are often unaware that their teen children have not had all the vaccinations they need.
Small Drops in Vaccination Rates Could Cause Big Increases in Health-Care Costs
A 5% drop in MMR vaccine use could lead to as much as $4.1 million in health-care costs.
Increased Psychiatric Med Use Means Expanded Pharmacist Role
Increased Psychiatric Med Use Means Expanded Pharmacist Role
Patients need more help managing complicated meds than ever—and pharmacists are there to help.
New Health-Care Bills Could Mean Big Cuts to Immunization Funding
Health-care plans in the Senate include repealing the Prevention and Public Health Fund.
New Study Shows Pharmacists-Involvement Can Dramatically Improve Vaccination Rates
When pharmacists know a patients’ vaccination histories, vaccination rates go up.
Cannabis for Credits
Cannabis for Credits
Clinical rotation gives students unique view of medical cannabis industry.
Granting Exclusive License for Zika Vaccine Is Causing Concern
The U.S. Army wants to grant an exclusive license for a Zika vaccine, but there are worries that exclusivity would lead to a high price.