Jill Sederstrom
Jill Sederstrom is a Contributing Editor
Study Finds Nearly Half a Million Deaths Prevented in the United States by Vaccines
Over 55 years, 450,000 people stayed alive and 200 million people stayed well in the United States because of vaccines.
Early Studies of Needle-Free Vaccine Delivery System Show Promise
A pill-like device that pumps vaccine into the mouth may make syringes obsolete.
Your New Role in the Battle Against Depression
Your New Role in the Battle Against Depression
A shortage of mental health-care providers, coupled with pharmacists’ unique skills and access to patients, has led to a significant opportunity for community and health-system pharmacists to aid in detection of depression and in medication selection and counseling for patients with depression.
Considering Specialty Pharmacy? Make Your Move
Considering Specialty Pharmacy? Make Your Move
There is a lot for growth in specialty pharmacy but chains and independent pharmacies should make their move soon if they want to enter this market. The window of opportunity is closing.
Alzheimer's Disease: Untapped Potential for Pharmacy
Pharmacists can become the perfect partner in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease. Details here.
Pharmacies Look to Add Value By Offering Tuberculosis Testing
As community pharmacies strive to play a greater role in population health management, could TB testing be an important item on the service menu?
A Class of Their Own: The Unique Challenges of Type I Diabetes
While many aspects of diabetes care are universal, patients with type I diabetes (T1D) often face a unique set of obstacles and challenges.
A Class of Their Own-- The Unique Challenges of Type I Diabetes
Understanding the unique challenges that patients with T1D face can help pharmacists better serve this patient population.
The Power of a Name
A new study suggests that the name of a biosimilar product could influence pharmacist confidence levels when dispensing a biosimilar in place of a reference biologic.