Jill Sederstrom
Jill Sederstrom is a Contributing Editor
Five Strategies to Reduce Psychological Insulin Resistance
People with diabetes may have PIR, where they resist starting on insulin therapy, but pharmacists can use these strategies to help them.
Insulin Drug Prices Are on the Rise and States Want Answers
Several state attorneys general are asking pointed questions about why insulin prices are rising.
Flu Vaccine Could Provide Long-Lasting Protection
A flu vaccine that is effective for several years is showing promise.
Oral HPV Infects 1 in 9 men in America
Eleven million American men have oral human papillomavirus infections, which can lead to head and neck cancer.
Five Reasons to Become a Diabetes Educator
Five Reasons to Become a Diabetes Educator
Why it's a good time to become more involved in diabetes education.
Insulin Pump Produces Better Results in Young Patients
Young people with diabetes may do better with insulin pumps than they do with injections.
Measles Incidence in United States Remains, But Need to Vaccinate Stays High
Measles is still very rare in the United States, but most cases involved either someone who was not vaccinated or whose status is unknown.
Fewer Women, Including Those Who Aren't Vaccinated, Are Getting HPV
The use of the HPV vaccine may be creating herd immunity, protecting unvaccinated women.
Babies Should Receive HepB Vaccine Immediately After Birth
First dose of HepB vaccine should be given in the first 24 hours to prevent infection.
Study Finds Reoccurrence of Adverse Events After Immunization is Relatively Low
Adverse events after vaccinations don’t usually recur after reimmunizations.