David Stanley, RPh
David Stanley is a pharmacy owner, blogger, and professional writer in northern California. Contact him at [email protected]
Pharmacy Preceptors
It takes a special type to balance business and teaching, patient needs and student obligations, pharmacy practice and classroom guidance. Mentors who set that kind of example may stay in your head for a lifetime.
Feeling like a real pharmacist
You leave the day job and what happens? The most fulfilling moments a pharmacist can have occur when you're nowhere near a pharmacy.
All wet: A pharmacy parable
Suppose a country were facing a flood of Biblical proportions but determined to focus on bringing in more tourism; what would you say about its priorities? Now suppose that country were a professional organization and ... well, read on.
Let's do the time warp again
When pharmacy trade journals are talking about the same issues and the same solutions as they were 15 years ago, more than just the times are out of joint.
Southern California Rite Aid workers vote to reject contract offer; strike looms
Members of seven Southern California locals of the United Food and Commercial Workers have voted to reject a contract offer from drug retailer Rite Aid and to authorize union leaders to call a strike if an agreement can't be reached.
Stand up and make yourself heard
We've already felt the pain. When will we go for the gain? How many physical breakdowns, ruined home lives, and professional traumas is it gonna take before we finally say enough is enough and ORGANIZE?
The vertebral solution
Watch out for pharmacists who have had enough: They can find some imaginative ways of registering their dissatisfaction
Fox in the henhouse
How much sense does it make to put employees of major drug chains on state Boards of Pharmacy? Depends on whose chickens that fox is guarding.
It ain't rocket science
The business formula for success is simple and has withstood the test of time.
Forge ahead into the digital age–or not
What would happen if some future corporation decides it's more productive to revert back to the days of the typewriter?