David Stanley, RPh
David Stanley is a pharmacy owner, blogger, and professional writer in northern California. Contact him at [email protected]
Pharmacist on the spot
When frightened girls come back from emergency trips to Mexico and ask you how to use an off-label drug as an "abortion pill," what are you going to tell them?
Best eggs in the world
What's it like to own your own pharmacy? Glad you asked
Put your money where your mouth is
Remember that Nike ad? Just do it!
Shining a light into the dark places
When the U.S. Congress buries game-changing laws deep in the bowels of complicated acts named for other things altogether, you wonder why they can't just call things like they see 'em. For starters.
Seen it with my own eyes
Remember that Norman Rockwell image of the friendly local pharmacist, running his shop his way? Now blink. Hey! It's still there
Equal justice for all? Really?
It's called the criminal justice system. There may be another term for it. A shorter one.
Are pharmacists slipping in the popularity polls?
Are pharmacists losing the love?
Unmeasurable conversations. Priceless.
In between the pharmacist activities that can be easily measured, you might find yourself engaging in conversations with your patients.
Goal of improved health may fall short despite increased pharmacy workload
A pharmacist looks at the life expectancy numbers in the U.S. and wonders how healthcare could have come so far, but still be failing patients.
How to solve every problem in pharmacy
A pharmacist reveals that the solution to all of pharmacy's problems: You get what you pay for.