David Stanley, RPh
David Stanley is a pharmacy owner, blogger, and professional writer in northern California. Contact him at [email protected]
To the compounder of the Oklahoma execution drug: Come out of the shadows
If a pharmacist has to hide what he is doing, then maybe he shouldn't be practicing pharmacy.
New mission statement for pharmacists
Five simple words. Here they are.
What's in a name, Part 2
The fight over whether pharmacists serve "patients" or "customers" continues. And now there's a new question: How come a major national pharmacy organization has no opinion?
Metrics: How not to practice pharmacy
Your district manager is bashing you with metrics at the expense of your patients and pharmacy practice. You're in professional hell. It may be time to activate plan B.
What’s in a name? Just your training, education, experience …
One chain used the legal system to tell its pharmacists how it really felt. They got the message.
How do you hold two positions at once? Ask the FDA
Which way does the FDA spin the issue of opiate use in this country? Try both.
Hold the phone
How can an independent pharmacy survive in the face of competition from the mega-chains? Here's a clue.
The small-business owner's BFF
Through thick and through thin, you're gonna go through it together.
Pharmacist on the spot
When frightened girls come back from emergency trips to Mexico and ask you how to use an off-label drug as an "abortion pill," what are you going to tell them?
Best eggs in the world
What's it like to own your own pharmacy? Glad you asked