David Stanley, RPh
David Stanley is a pharmacy owner, blogger, and professional writer in northern California. Contact him at [email protected]
View from the Zoo
Value-Driven Health-Care System: Value for Whom?
DIRs: PBMs Pay Less Each Year While Prices Go Up
PBMs have a business model where they pay less even while prices go up.
Appearance matters: A legible label is the least we can do
Whether you like it or not, your patients are paying attention, and judging all of us.
Every pharmacist has them — and so does every teacher
What do pharmacists and teachers — and an awful lot of other people — have in common?
Pharmacy’s Catch-22: Save a life — or save your livelihood?
When a snap decision is called for, “What is our corporate loss-prevention policy?” can compete in an employee’s brain with “What is the best thing for the patient?”
You’re a pharmacist, not a physician: Get your own title
Physicians have been called "Doc" for so long that the terms are essentially identical. Why not designate pharmacists by a separate and distinct title?
The future of pharmacy is finally here
That would be MTM. And it's calling. And holding. And holding. And holding ...
A pharmacy business model to squawk about
The future of pharmacy can be reduced to a single word.
Reformulate, remonetize — and let the patient beware
An entire economic ecosystem depends on pulling the wool over the eyes of prescribers. Pharmacists can tell them all about it. Or could.
Working together for the greater good: MD vs. RPh
Every bench pharmacist can tell this story. Every. Single. One.