Andrew Bowser
Atopic dermatitis: Biologics to watch in 2018
In this article, we take a look at the development of new treatments for atopic dermatitis.
Recruitment underway for atopic dermatitis serlopitant trial
Early trial results show a significant reduction of itch with the oral NK-1 antagonist serlopitant
When other treatments fail in atopic dermatitis, dupilumab succeeds
Dupilumab plus topical corticosteroids safe and effective after failure of cyclosporine in moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
Secukinumab safe and effective through 5 years in psoriasis
Patients were continually treated with the 300 mg for five years.
Cutaneous side effects of melanoma drugs
Dermatologists need “hands on” experience, researchers say at EADV 2017.
Update: Immunotherapeutic options in advanced melanoma
At EADV, Dr. Simone Ribero reviews the latest data on new treatments for advanced melanoma.
Avelumab safety profile is “acceptable”
Immunotherapy improves Merkel cell carcinoma, but questions remain.
Oral baricitinib instead of topicals for atopic dermatitis?
EADV study shows that this JAK inhibitor is a promising drug candidate in moderate-to-severe AD.
Guselkumab front and center at EADV Congress
Guselkumab front and center at EADV Congress
IL-23 inhibitors represent one more very effective strategy for controlling psoriasis with PASI rates comparable to other biologics.
Look beyond diagnosis to see beauty and humanity
Look beyond diagnosis to see beauty and humanity
As the 26th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress opens this week in Geneva, meeting attendees were treated to a talk by medical photographer Rick Guidotti.