Anthony Vecchione
Anthony Vecchione is Executive Editor of Drug Topics.
R.Ph.s can boost their hospitals' performance
Health-system pharmacists could raise quality and safety in hospitals. Yet they are underutilized in areas of discharge counseling and drug-abbreviation confusion. Medication errors result.
Standardizing IV pumps can reduce errors
Link between IV pumps and medication errors prompt hospitals, health systems to reevaluate IV infusion
Fatal error sparks debate over punitive measures
The use of intravenous (IV) syringes for non-IV applications such as enteral feedings poses many risks, especially for the pediatric and neonatal population which has a majority of their oral and enteral doses provided through a gastric tube. The Baxa Corporation recently announced the launch of a new educational campaign to make healthcare providers aware of these problems and offer solutions.
Infection surveillance software can save lives
As many as 100,000 patients die every year from hospital-acquired infections. It doesn't have to be that way. HAIs are eminently preventable. Tools exist that can significantly lower HAI mortality and morbidity rates and reduce an associated $6 billion in excess annual health costs.
R.Ph. Involvement can cut Rx errors for kids in OR
Pediatric patients are disproportionately affected by improper and wrong-dose errors in perioperative settings.
Standardize restricted drug distribution systems: ASHP
Improvement of restricted drug distribution systems (RDDS) should be a key element of the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA).
Q & A with FDA's Gary Buehler
At the Generic Pharmaceutical Association meeting in Phoenix last month, Drug Topics' Managing Editor of Projects, Anthony Vecchione, spoke with Gary Buehler, R. Ph., Director, Office of Generic Drugs.
The Health-System Edition: From its genesis to the present
Serving the informational needs of hospital pharmacists has always been a high priority for Drug Topics. While every issue of the magazine has some articles of interest to hospital R.Ph.s, a concerted effort to reach them is made in every second issue of the month with our Health-System Edition (HSE).
How these luminaries helped shape pharmacy
In recognition of the many shining stars who have guided the profession over the years, Drug Topics caught up with four leaders who have helped shape the practice of health-system pharmacy. These luminaries discussed some of the pressing issues they faced during their tenure at the helm of ASHP as well as their opinions about the future of the profession.
Some hospital pharmacy leaders who have made a difference
As Drug Topics celebrates its 150th anniversary, we wanted to recognize some of the key figures who have influenced the practice of health-system pharmacy. Bruce Scott and Marianne Ivey have made significant contributions to the profession as leaders at ASHP, in the academic setting, and in real-world practice. Here's an overview of two very illustrious careers.