Anthony Vecchione
Anthony Vecchione is Executive Editor of Drug Topics.
Walgreens, Qualcomm, United Healthcare partner through data exchange
Everyone profits, including patients, who get paid almost $1,500 in HSA credits for their data — if they do as they are told.
Connected: Telepharmacy unites the team
Connected: Telepharmacy unites the team
Now, that pharmacist on the other side of the country is only a mouse-click away.
Telepharmacy pulls hospital through storm
A winter storm kept personnel from reaching the hospital. But all the patients got their meds, thanks to telepharmacists.
Bridging pharmacy automation and EMRs
As hospitals and health systems consolidate, hospital pharmacy directors tackle interoperability between pharmacy automation and EMRs. Here are some of the issues.
Health-system pharmacists empower the team
Health-system pharmacists help improve patient care, boost patient outcomes, reduce readmission rates, and lower costs — and savvy administrators know it.
3 keys to effective pharmacy HIT strategy
Some tips for pharmacists adopting EHRs, including what to tell your vendors.
Hospital pharmacists improve management of diabetes patients
Medication reconciliation, inpatient care, med safety, discharge education, transitions of care, medication adherence — these are only some of the ways pharmacists can benefit the healthcare team. There are plenty more.
Pharmacists help manage brain cancer cases
Sen. Edward Kennedy's brain cancer has made the world more aware of malignant glioma. While prognosis for brain-cancer patients is grim, new vaccines and drugs in the pipeline offer extended quality of life and hope of a cure.
North Dakota's pharmacy ownership law faces challenges from chain drugstores and hospitals
North Dakota pharmacists must own at least 51 percent of their pharmacies. This has kept many stores from opening in communities throughout the state. Hospitals and drugstore chains are fighting to change the law.
ASHP strategies endorsed by pharmacists
The ASHP IV Safety Summit convened a panel of experts to explore ways to combat errors in use of IV medications.