Anthony Vecchione
Anthony Vecchione is Executive Editor of Drug Topics.
How to Improve DUR Alerts
How to Improve DUR Alerts
A look at DUR alerts—why they started, where they are now, and where they need to go.
Safety Concerns Over Some Hepatitis C Drugs
The ISMP has issued a report that links several direct-acting antiviral agents for hepatitis C to serious adverse side effects. But drug makers take issue.
RFID Technology Speeds Medication Replenishment, Reduces Med Errors
New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital has started using radio frequency identification to increase efficiency and speed when restocking drug trays.
A Strategy to Boost Medication Compliance
Looking for ways to increase medication compliance by challenging patients -- such as the elderly and those with mental illness?
Automated Dispensing Systems -- One High-Tech Solution
Health system pharmacies that require large-scale deployment of automated dispensing cabinets are faced with multiple challenges. Here's one solution.
Independent Pharmacies Tout Enhanced Services
Independent community pharmacies have a new tool to help them promote the enhanced services that they provide their patients.
Spotlight on five new drugs
Soliqua for Type 2 Diabetes, Intrarosa for dyspareunia, Lartruvo for soft tissue sarcoma, Zinplava for Clostridium difficile infection, Carnexiv (antiepileptic agent)
Hospitals turn to RFID for medication replenishment
RFID technology in hospitals is far from ubiquitous. However, more and more facilities are adopting RFID technology in a variety of areas.
Industry study reveals mixed state of affairs for independent community pharmacists
In 2015, the number of independent pharmacies declined along with prescription volume.
The State of Independent Pharmacy
Drug Topics Executive Editor Anthony Vecchione sat down with NCPA CEO Douglas Hoey to discuss the current state of independent community pharmacy and some of the pressing issues facing the profession.