Steven R. Ariens, PD
Steve Ariens is a pharmacy advocate, blogger, and National Public Relations Director for The Pharmacy Alliance ( E-mail him at [email protected]
Being objective about subjectivity can be a challenge
Some healthcare professionals have to make “professional discretion” decisions based on the patient’s subjective opinion. Pharmacists need to be objective about subjective pain that patients express.
Filling prescriptions for controlled substances: Establish a protocol
Contributor Steve Ariens takes another run at the question of how to deal with prescriptions for controlled substances.
When valid prescriptions are refused
When patients present valid prescriptions for controlled medications and pharmacists refuse to dispense, the patients have options. And the ADA is just the beginning.
DEA vs. ADA: Pharmacists and the rock or the hard place
In the wake of the recent Rite Aid HIV settlement, pharmacists face a new Catch 22.
The pain-med choke point
Suppliers continue to restrict pharmacy access to controlled substances, leaving many chronic pain patients without the help they need. Contributor Steve Ariens retails the latest findings.
The Hundred Years’ War
The War on Drugs began a century ago. It's still going strong -- and so is the traffic in illegal drugs. What's up with that?
OSHA says, Oh, yes, you can
Knowledge is power. In case you haven't looked at your company's P&P manual lately, contributor Steve Ariens takes you straight to a very basic reason for staying informed.
State Boards of Pharmacy -- watchdogs or lapdogs?
When most of our pharmacy practice acts were first promulgated, our profession consisted mainly of independently operated community pharmacies, and the pharmacists who ran them volunteered to operate the state Boards of Pharmacy. Things are different now.
Note to pharmacists: When it comes to the company P&P manual, ignorance is NOT bliss
Once they're working behind somebody's counter, the first book that "by-the-book" pharmacists should read is the company P&P manual.