Kenneth R. Baker, BS Pharm, JD
These articles are not intended as legal advice and should not be used as such. When a legal question arises, the pharmacist should consult with an attorney familiar with pharmacy law in his or her state. Ken Baker is a pharmacist and an attorney. He teaches ethics at the Glendale, Arizona, campus of Midwestern University, and risk management for the University of Florida. He consults in the areas of pharmacy error reduction, communication, and risk management. Mr. Baker is an attorney of counsel with the Arizona law firm of Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, PA. E-mail at [email protected]
Should you dispense to M.D.s who self-prescribe?
What are the legal implications of dispensing to a physician who is prescribing drugs for himself or his family members?
How do you dispose of a controlled substance?
Federal and state laws must be observed in the disposal of controlled substances. Also both DEA and state board of pharmacy must be contacted.
Legal Q & A : Are there options when your license is suspended?
Where else can you practice if your license is suspended in one state?
Can we lower insurance rates if we cut med errors?
Insurance companies will lower pharmacists' premiums if they set up rigorous programs to reduce drug errors
Can prescription drugs be taken back from patients?
Pharmacists can accept drugs returned from patients but must destroy, instead of using, them.