Fred Gebhart, Contributing Editor
Contributing Editor Fred Gebhart works all over the world as a freelance writer and editor, but his home base is in San Francisco.
Long-term data support biotech treatment for ITP
Recent data suggest that thrombopoietin receptor agonists are safe and effective for the treatment of chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura, or ITP, over at least 6 years.
New report advocates replacing Medicaid FFS with managed pharmacy benefit
A new report urges states to replace Medicaid fee-for-service pharmacy programs with the kind of managed drug benefits used in Medicare Part D plans, Medicaid managed care organizations, and some commercial health plans.
LTC challenged by proposed Part D rules for short-cycle dispensing
Proposed rules designed to cut waste in Medicare Part D could create problems for long-term-care pharmacy.
Technicians key to telepharmacy success in North Dakota
Pharmacy technicians have emerged as key players in the growth of telepharmacy in both inpatient and outpatient settings in areas like North Dakota, which relies heavily on telepharmacy.
Sam's Club launches preventive health program with pharmacists
Warehouse retailer Sam's Club has launched what may be the country's largest retail preventive health program targeting consumers and small businesses.
Oncology buy-and-bill evolving
Oncology treatment and benefits are changing. Buy-and-bill, the traditional methodology that had physicians buying chemotherapeutic products, treating in the office, and billing the payer, is going the way of surgery by barbers. But no one is quite sure what will replace the one-time standard of payment.
Medicare Advantage OTC card arrives
Some Medicare Advantage patients have a new way to buy over-the-counter products: OTCNetwork, a prepaid point-of-sale card.
CMS paying for terminated drugs, OIG audit asserts
An OIG audit concluded that CMS is paying pharmacies for dispensing terminated drugs under Medicare Part D, while CMS insists it is not.
CPhA to launch employee pharmacist ombudsman program
The California Pharmacists Association is preparing to launch what may be the first employee pharmacist ombudsman program sponsored by a state association.
Drop FFS, Save $30 billion on Medicaid
State Medicaid programs could save $30 billion over the next decade by replacing fee for service pharmacy programs with managed care programs like those used in Medicare Part D, according to a new report on Medicaid pharmacy spending sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association.