Fred Gebhart, Contributing Editor
Contributing Editor Fred Gebhart works all over the world as a freelance writer and editor, but his home base is in San Francisco.
Joint Commission changes HAI survey standards and focus
Hospitals and health systems that have not caught up with the latest version of The Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals could run into trouble.
Too much manpower?
The days of too many jobs chasing too few pharmacists are history. Today the situation is reversed. Is the situation grim for new pharmacists seeking to enter the market? Not necessarily, says one expert.
2011 Chain of the Year
The results are in, and this year Health Mart wins by a landslide. Pharmacy owner Timothy Davis and other satisfied franchisees tell us why.
Recombinant factor VIIa: Off-label use poses danger
Are surgeons at your hospital using recombinant factor VIIa to control bleeding? If so, they are probably not helping patients and could be harming them.
FDA holds corporate execs responsible for pharma abuses
Frustrated by its lack of success at reining in drug-company abuses, FDA is bringing back a legal doctrine spawned by long-dead rodents to bring criminal charges against pharmaceutical executives, including executives who had no personal knowledge of company misdeeds.
NACDS supports Florida hospital in case against Department of Labor
Are pharmacies subcontractors when they fill prescriptions for TRICARE, the federal health program for military personnel? Not according to the National Association of Chain Drugs Stores.
Pharmacy-run anticoagulation service validated by study
A 2-year study found that a pharmacy-directed anticoagulation service boosted the quality and efficiency of care for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in patients using direct thrombin inhibitors.
Pharmacists' rights get boost from UPS labor decision
A recent state appellate court decision in California could help pharmacists claim meal and rest breaks they are due under state labor law. The case, which involved United Parcel Service workers, affirmed workers' right to up to 2 hours of extra pay daily.
CMS eases short-cycle fill rules for LTC, consultant pharmacists
CMS has eased rules on short-cycle dispensing of Part D medications in long-term-care facilities and is now requiring not 7-day but 14-day fills. The workload, however, may still double or triple.
Pharmacy school loan forgiveness: Healthcare reform offers students new hope
If the Affordable Care Act makes pharmacists primary care providers, the profession gains a host of advantages, including Medicare provider status. For AACP, the goal is eligibility for student loan forgiveness under the NHSC.