Fred Gebhart, Contributing Editor
Contributing Editor Fred Gebhart works all over the world as a freelance writer and editor, but his home base is in San Francisco.
Beers Criteria Update
The Beers Criteria have undergone a new update. What do you need to know to care for geriatric patients properly?
DEA drug distributor focus raises policy questions
Continuing legal battles between the Drug Enforcement Administration and Cardinal Health have raised questions about federal drug policy and the role of distributors.
Kansas launches remote supervision for hospital pharmacy techs
Chalk up a first for hospital pharmacists in Kansas. Video conferencing was used to supervise a pharmacy tech working in a hospital 200 miles across the state.
CDC calls for better stewardship to combat C. difficile mortality
Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea now accounts for about 14,000 deaths per year in the United States. CDC is calling on hospitals to exercise better antibiotic stewardship to help stem the tide.
Better drug utilization drives specialty pharmacy
Specialty pharmacy is on a roll. And clinical support is its primary product.
Better clinical decision support improves CPOE effectiveness
An effective CPOE system needs clinical decision support to help prescribers, pharmacists, nurses, and others use the system effectively.
OIG calls for diagnosis information on prescriptions
Prescriptions could take on a new look if the Office of the Inspector General gets its way.
Four drug classes cause most ADE admissions in elderly
The CDC found that just 4 classes of prescription drugs are responsible for more than two-thirds of drug-related hospitalizations in older patients.
Hospitals at risk for hazardous pharmaceutical waste violations
The EPA is looking for mismanagement of hazardous pharmaceutical waste generated by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The odds are good that your hospital is in violation.
Pilot programs take MTM to patients
Two Long Island University pharmacists are reversing the usual course of MTM. Instead of waiting for patients and prescriptions to come to the pharmacy, they are taking MTM to patients.