Fred Gebhart, Contributing Editor
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States face physician dispensing costs
How to drive up medication costs 10% to 20%
Auto-programming cuts infusion pump errors
Auto-programming infusion pumps reduces keystroke error and increases patient safety.
CUSP Cuts Central Line Infections
Is your health system is having an epidemic of CLABSIs? CUSP can help save lives and money.
Walgreens shut out of Tricare retail network
Tricare, the health plan for military personnel, retirees, and dependents, has decided not to put Walgreens back into its retail pharmacy network.
Outpatient pharmacy can boost hospital revenues, patient outcomes
Outpatient pharmacy doesn't have to be a drag on hospital finances. With the right help, it can contribute significantly to the bottom line.
2012 Independent Innovators
Great ideas are everywhere. Successful community pharmacists can spot them and tailor them to meet local needs. Here are four stories of how good ideas gave rise to even better ones.
Pharmacy certification to expand
The Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board has developed a Certified Specialty Pharmacist credential, which it hopes to launch in early 2013.
OIG suggests independent pharmacies more prone to fraud, abuse
A recent report indicates that independent pharmacies are more prone to fraud and abuse than are chain stores.
Better cleaning of patient rooms can reduce hospital-acquired infections
It might seem like common sense, but observing stringent hygiene protocols in hospital rooms can cut down on HAIs.
PBMs strike back at copay discounts
Earlier this year, CVS Caremark began blocking about 30 drugs whose manufacturers were offering copay coupons. Express Scripts is taking similar steps.