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ACA opens the door to value-based care
ACA opens the door to value-based care
Pharmacists are now being included in care teams wherever outcomes are being tracked. Provider status is only a matter of time.
Pharmacist provider status gains traction
Pharmacist provider status gains traction
The country is moving toward provider status. But direct reimbursement isn't here yet.
E-cig poisonings spike; APhA calls for stricter regulations
E-cig poisonings spike; APhA calls for stricter regulations
Children are especially vulnerable to this product, which is brightly colored and sweetened with candy-like flavors.
New York moves to e-prescribing for all Rxs
Paper is about to become history in one of the largest prescription drug markets in the country.
Critical error in methadone label, guidelines
An error in the package insert and clinical guidelines may contribute to the high rates of patient harm associated with methadone.
Pharmacy in flux
Pharmacy in flux
Despite the ups and downs of 2014, pharmacists in both the community and hospital settings anticipate an improved business climate.
The changing face of diabetes: How to guide teens and young adults
Diabetes has emerged as one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood and adolescence. In order to guide these young people, healthcare providers need to engage them on their own terms, using their own media.
Some pharmacy chains dropping tobacco products
Many pharmacists have long contended that products that kill should not be sold in pharmacies. Now some pharmacy chains agree.
New HIPAA requirements coming
Is your pharmacy ready for the new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Omnibus Rules? New privacy rules took effect in March, 2013, and enforcement begins in September.
Preparing for biosimilars
A short history of biologics and biosimilars, with some pointers on what comes next