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Contributing Editor Fred Gebhart works all over the world as a freelance writer and editor, but his home base is in San Francisco.
Biosimilars Come  to Community Pharmacy
Biosimilars Come to Community Pharmacy
Biosimilars are now being dispensed from community pharmacies.
New DIR Fee Estimator Can Help Pharmacies Manage Cash Flow
Elevate Provider Network estimates DIR fees in advance
Tips on Selling or Buying Your Pharmacy
There are elements to consider if you want to sell your pharmacy, or buy one.
Pharmacy Salary Survey 2016
Pharmacy Salary Survey 2016
Stress remains a pressing issue, but most community pharmacists are satisfied with compensation and working conditions.
Caught in the Middle
Caught in the Middle
The furor over EpiPen pricing is simply the best publicized of many similar price hikes that have left patients unable to pay.
Biosimilar: Coming to a pharmacy near you
Biosimilars are the future of pharmacy. When they hit community pharmacy, issues that have been important in specialty settings are going to explode.