Valerie DeBenedette
Valerie DeBenedette is a medical news writer in Putnam County, N.Y.
Albertsons Set to Acquire Rite Aid
In a stock deal, Albertsons will buy the parts of Rite Aid that Walgreens didn't buy.
Food, Juice, and Drugs: Hold the Grapefruit
Food, Juice, and Drugs: Hold the Grapefruit
Do your patients know about the interactions between common foods and drugs? We take a look at what you need to know.
Meeting the Pharmacy Needs of Tourists, Vacationers, and Travelers
Are you prepared to help when someone far from home has lost their prescription medications?
Finding Time to Counsel Patients: Make It the Priority
Every community pharmacist has the long lines and phones ringing off the hook. But there are ways to find time o counsel patients even when it is busy.
Get ready for the new USP hazardous medications standards
Some ASHP members are already in good shape; but 20% agree that “We are in trouble.”
How to Safeguard Against Fraudulent Prescriptions
Red flags—and what to do when your suspicions are aroused
New Study Evaluates the Quality of Medical Apps
A team of researchers in Singapore set out to create a quality assessment tool that can be used to evaluate mobile apps that target medication-related problems.
Educating Diabetes Patients About Heart Disease
Pharmacists are ideally suited to help educate patients with diabetes and to raise their awareness of how risk factors for CV disease can be controlled.
Study Finds Oral Syringes Better for Liquid Pediatric Meds
A randomized controlled study has found that oral syringes are more accurate than dosing cups when parents measure doses of liquid medications for their children.
The Evolution of Group Purchasing Organizations
Somewhere in the United States, there may be a retail or specialty pharmacy that is not part of a group purchasing organization (GPO). If there is such a pharmacy, it is very hard to find.