Michael J. Schuh, BS, PharmD, MBA
Michael J. Schuh is a clinical MTM pharmacist in Jacksonville, Fla. Contact him at [email protected]
We Missed the Bus the First Time Around
I missed that Dietary Supplement Bus in 1994-- and so did the pharmacy profession.
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Confronted by overwhelming workplace challenges, pharmacists sometimes forget they have options. It's time to step outside the limits of habitual thinking and take a look around.
Is fee for service dead?
Now that pharmacists are being recognized as full members of the healthcare team, we don't have to worry about payment any more, right? Not quite.
APhA: The view from 35,000 feet
Provider status, access to patient health information, more inclusion on the healthcare team, and recognition as patient-care professionals — progress in the pharmacy profession is taking place. Will you take the ball and run with it?
Got a few minutes for the pharmacy profession?
Take 15 minutes and make a difference
In the Land of Business and Politics, you have to speak the language
While pharmacists learn many things in pharmacy school, Business and Politics are not among them. Find out why you need to know both to navigate the real world.
You can call me Doctor
One pharmacist argues that wanting to be called Doctor is more than just ego.