Our list of the best pharmacists ever to appear on the silver screen.
Learning more about popular dietary supplements could further cement pharmacists’ position in the healthcare industry, helping them gain recognition as healthcare providers.
When natural doesn't always mean safe, and reading labels doesn't necessarily protect consumers.
Easy-to-swallow bits of information from around the world of pharmacy.
What’s the difference between a challenge and an opportunity? In 2018, for pharmacy, they may be the same thing.
The last 12 drugs approved in the year, along with the other 34.
In this month's peer-reviewed article, learn more about the illness affecting millions.
We asked pharmacists from all over the country what resolutions pharmacists should make in 2018. Here's what they said.
Our 10 best articles, based on the number of views.
Pharmacists will be the most frequent point of contact for new Medicaid patients.
Urinary Incontinence: What Pharmacists Should Know
Urinary Incontinence: What ...

Up to 30% of the population is affected by the problem, this peer-reviewed article will give you the information you need.

Are More Blister Packs a Good Thing?
Pharmacists on the Front Line in ...
Walgreens Teams Help Oncology Patients
Pharmacy Settles Opioid Death Suit for $325,000
Pharmacy Settles Opioid Death Suit ...

An independent pharmacy opted to settle a wrongful death lawsuit involving an opioid prescription.

CMS Proposes Part D Opioid Limits, ...
Patients Like Pharmacies That Give ...
The Value of a Pharmacist

Ken Baker, BS Pharm REG/LEGAL

A pharmacist and attorney consulting in pharmacy error reduction, communication, and risk management, and attorney of counsel with the firm Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, Pa.

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