24/7/365 in-house pharmacist coverage can result in a scheduling nightmare and high expense for hospitals. Telepharmacy offers another way to go.
Pharmacists swear to promote the good of every patient. But stuff can happen. It wouldn't hurt to take out some insurance. Just in case.
Along with shifting healthcare delivery and payment models, the practice of pharmacy shows many signs of transformation.
Proper pharmacologic treatment for COPD can reduce exacerbations and improve symptoms, reducing the burden on patients and healthcare systems. Pharmacist MTM is key.
A pharmacist with good communication skills can turn indifferent compliance into successful patient outcomes.
Pharmacists are now being included in care teams wherever outcomes are being tracked. Provider status is only a matter of time.
Some tips on what constitutes a QA and how to comply with pharmacy law when creating one.
The cornerstone of asthma management combines stepwise therapy with first-line pharmaceutical treatment.
For women building pharmacy careers, going it alone is not the most likely recipe for success.
Retail pharmacists are ideally situated to perform MTM through collaborative agreements with physicians, and some are making it happen.

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Ned Milenkovich, PharmD, JD REG/LEGAL

Ned Milenkovich is a principal at Much Shelist and vice chair of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy.

Ken Baker, BS Pharm REG/LEGAL

A pharmacist and attorney consulting in pharmacy error reduction, communication, and risk management, and attorney of counsel with the firm Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, Pa.

David Stanley, RPh VIEW FROM THE ZOO

David Stanley is a pharmacy owner, blogger, and professional writer in northern California.

Prevent Rx drug abuse: Lock up those meds

What if pharmacies give a lockbox to every patient taking a controlled medication? This project aims to find out.

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Rx drug use: Treat, don't indict
Job tips for pharmacy grads, 2015

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Pharmacists swear an oath to do no harm. But what about patients? Should they be responsible for their behavior toward us?

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