Time for a little civic pride! Did your city make the list?
There is plenty for community pharmacists to worry about, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Easy-to-swallow bits of news and studies for the busy pharmacist.
Meaningful changes to DIR fees are on the horizon—will pharmacies see an increase in reimbursements?
In pharmacy, mistakes are serious, but they still happen. You wrote in with the mistakes that have stuck with you—and changed how you do your job.
If the past few weeks are any indication, pharmacy isn’t going to be the same for very long.
Pharmacists are finding ways to get reimbursed for clinical services. See what you can do to get paid.
Not too long ago, it seemed like anything could end up in a pharmacy—with disastrous (or sometimes just humorous) results.
Physicians, providers, and the broader community need to find a more economical way of treating the patients struggling with opioids.
Greater awareness of the dangers posed by prescription opioids is changing pharmacy practice.
Pharmacists Help Drive Down Infection Rates
Pharmacists Help Drive Down ...

Hospital-acquired infections continue to plague the nation’s hospitals. Here’s how pharmacists are helping address the ...

Hospital Pharmacists Struggle with ...
How to Manage Medication Risks
Why Health Systems Are Making Their ...

Ken Baker, BS Pharm REG/LEGAL

A pharmacist and attorney consulting in pharmacy error reduction, communication, and risk management, and attorney of counsel with the firm Renaud Cook Drury Mesaros, Pa.

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